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Posted by fizhbone - May 5th, 2011

It's been some time since i uploaded any of my music to NG. Last year i had big problems with finishing any of my song, just dident really have the inspiration needed. But now i feel that maybe i should try again after working on this song i called TELL ME...

It was one of the first songs this year that actually had an ending, and not just another project unfinished in FL9.
And it made me think that it could meen that it is time for me to stop thinking of my recent project but instead put them on the shelf for now, and work on something new.
But until then, heres my new track

Click to listen to: Tell Me

Hi Everyone...

Posted by fizhbone - April 16th, 2010

Hey Everyone, and thanx for stopping by my page...
Last year, i was looking forward for 2010. I was suppose to have made some new tracks with one of my friends called 40'fy. The idea was dumped after a couple of months because he had a lot of other plans, and i decided to stop the project, since he never had time. So, we are gonna wait till we both have some more time to do it.

It would have been some new Olskool, and Modern Hip Hop Tracks, but after the plan was stopped, i decided to look at some of the old hardstyle track i have been working on 2 years back. I changed some of the melodies, changed some Synth Plugins with some of the new ones i got a hold of, and the result sounded pretty good.

So if you like hardstyle, you may wanna take a look at my page some times for updates on the outcome, the first one is almost completed, and there will be more tracks commin soon.
This is my first Hardstyle track on NG from last year, hope you like it...

Click This to listen to_HeartFlow_

Fizhbone Projects_Hardstyle_

Posted by fizhbone - November 26th, 2009

I just wanted to thanx all the peoble who voted for this remix that i made. I am proud to see that i got such a good feedback on this, and for all the kind words in the review...
I am looking forward to 2010 where i will be making some new tracks. I have a lot of beats and lyrics that will be Xperimented next year. I am also releasing a new track Feat. 40'Fy with my beat and lyrics and his incredible rap style, so keep visiting for more updates.

The beat that got the must responses, feedbacks, votes, listens, Reviews & a incredible download rating in 2009 was the remake/mix You Dont Know feat. Em & 50... if you still want to rate on it you can visit the song here

-|- Listen to: You Dont Know - Click This -|-

Thanx again to all the fans and the kind words.... Peace ya'all, One love


EMINEM & 50 Cent

Posted by fizhbone - November 18th, 2009

I found these 2 songs on NG and mixed them together, check it out and please leave a review & drop a score...Thanx Enjoy !


Click to Listen to: No time to sleep

2 NG's Mixed

Posted by fizhbone - November 14th, 2009

I have been working on this piece 4 some time now. I first tried out with some old VST plugins but later on in the process i got the idea of making it sound like a dance song. So it starts out with the video game sound and then it turns into dance... Hope you like it Enjoy !

If anyone wants 2 use it just PM me and we can try it out.....


Click This 2 Listen

Check it out Video Creators

Posted by fizhbone - October 9th, 2009

I made a remake, short version of Mike Oldfields Mont St.Michel, and all day nothing really happent, but after some time, somebody zero bombed it, and ok if you dont like the music fine, score it low but then you should b man/woman enough to give a review on it, its stupid just to give zero without reviews there must b something wrong with the song since you hated it.
Or did you just zero bomb it to get lower then your song.... ?

Click to listen

Mont St.Michel

Posted by fizhbone - September 14th, 2009

Did another remake of Eminem -Cleaning out my closet- go check it out, Enjoy !Click to Listen

Cleaning out my closet

Posted by fizhbone - September 14th, 2009

A made a love song, about longing for someone, just wishing they were here, an that gave me inspiration to the song, it took me about six hours to make this, and in my opinion, it's just the way it should be, but do give some ideas, cause mayby i could use some the next time.
But please go check it out.....

Enjoy !Click this to listen

New Love Song -The First Summer-

Posted by fizhbone - September 10th, 2009

I recently posted a remake of Eminem & 50 Cent's track -You Dont Know- go check it out if you wantYou Dont Know (Remake)


Eminem & 50cent's Remake_You Dont Know