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Fizhbone Projects_Hardstyle_

2010-04-16 10:39:53 by fizhbone

Hey Everyone, and thanx for stopping by my page...
Last year, i was looking forward for 2010. I was suppose to have made some new tracks with one of my friends called 40'fy. The idea was dumped after a couple of months because he had a lot of other plans, and i decided to stop the project, since he never had time. So, we are gonna wait till we both have some more time to do it.

It would have been some new Olskool, and Modern Hip Hop Tracks, but after the plan was stopped, i decided to look at some of the old hardstyle track i have been working on 2 years back. I changed some of the melodies, changed some Synth Plugins with some of the new ones i got a hold of, and the result sounded pretty good.

So if you like hardstyle, you may wanna take a look at my page some times for updates on the outcome, the first one is almost completed, and there will be more tracks commin soon.
This is my first Hardstyle track on NG from last year, hope you like it...

Click This to listen to_HeartFlow_

Fizhbone Projects_Hardstyle_


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