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EMINEM & 50 Cent

2009-11-26 18:04:06 by fizhbone

I just wanted to thanx all the peoble who voted for this remix that i made. I am proud to see that i got such a good feedback on this, and for all the kind words in the review...
I am looking forward to 2010 where i will be making some new tracks. I have a lot of beats and lyrics that will be Xperimented next year. I am also releasing a new track Feat. 40'Fy with my beat and lyrics and his incredible rap style, so keep visiting for more updates.

The beat that got the must responses, feedbacks, votes, listens, Reviews & a incredible download rating in 2009 was the remake/mix You Dont Know feat. Em & 50... if you still want to rate on it you can visit the song here

-|- Listen to: You Dont Know - Click This -|-

Thanx again to all the fans and the kind words.... Peace ya'all, One love


EMINEM & 50 Cent


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